Release Date 6c iPhone rumors and pictures Apple iPhone 6C seems to seep from the Apple Store

Monday, 15 June 2015
Apple iPhone 5c is now over a year and a half old, and that has led to questions about whether it will be the first and the last model of colorful, plastic iPhone. Earlier this year, we were convinced that Apple had decided to get rid of the 'C' range of iPhone STI line-up, but new reports suggest a 6c iPhone could launch this year, after all, and the final filtered image comes the website of Apple. Here, we've gathered all the latest iPhone rumors 6c, treats, including date, design, specifications and characteristics of speculation. We also have images and conceptual models iPhone 6c.

                               There are already a lot of talk about the iPhone 7 and iPhone 6s, but not on the iPhone 6c, which is what we are calling the successor of 4 inches for Apple iPhone 5c, the iPhone 5s (marginally) cheaper and (massively) more colorful brothers. This article is about the upcoming Apple iPhone 4 inches - although the company will make a new iPhone 4 inches at all, after the great success of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, it remains to be seen
                                          LAST UPDATE: The iPhone 6C seems to have appeared on the website of Apple, implying that the new smartphone will Touch ID....

iPhone 6C seen on the Apple website
On May 21, the iPhone 6C was seen online, and is on the website of Apple of all places. Take this with a pinch of salt as it could be simply an error of Photoshop, but there is no doubt that this picture of the new iPhone Apple dock connector lightning burden seems to have an iPhone 5C with an ID Touch resting on it.

                   And if you know the iPhone 5C, you'll know you do not have touch ID, fingerprint Apple that is under the start button on the iPhone 5S and rear sensor.

Rumors have said that the iPhone could be a repackaged 6C iPhone 5S with Fingerprint Sensor Touch ID, so in fact may be the first glimpse of replacement iPhone 5C 's.

We will be following this story closely to see if Apple changes the image or reponds to requests for comment.

              iPhone release date 6c: When is the iPhone 6c dating?
Evidence has emerged suggesting that Apple is planning to launch a new iPhone 4 inches in September. March 30 photo leaked appear to show a new iPhone with colorful plastic  similar to the iPhone 5c, in smaller size than many are expecting.

                                          The images suggest that this is a new iPhone because the camera flash has a different way to present - oval instead of round - and there are more holes for the speaker in the bottom of the iPhone shots leaked, which were shared by Future Supplier, a wholesale cell phone spare parts based in China ......

                      This image shows the flash of the camera of the new iPhone 6c, see for more filtered images.

The March 25, 2015, Asia's rumors claimed that Apple plans to launch three new iPhone in September, one of which will feature a 4-inch screen could be called the iPhone 6C.

That rumor came from Digitized, which stated that 6S will be getting an iP
hone, iPhone Plus 6S and 6C iPhone later this year.

The report says that the iPhone will 6c A8 chip as the one found in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, NFC and Touch ID.
   "The sources of the supply chain, said Apple has not made any new iPhone production tasks 4 inches to parts of the supply chain, and therefore will be released on the screen of Apple iPhone 6s argument 4 inches is not it - at least until now sources believe that after using the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 advert has been renovated record sales of smartphones from Apple, and therefore the re-launch of the new screen. Apple iPhone 4 inches is likely to suffer the same embarrassment as iPhone 5c market reaction. "
                            Precious 6c iPhone
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