MacBook Air 12in Retina release date rumors: New MacBook Air with Fingerprint Identification, could launch March 9

Monday, 2 March 2015
Sources Apple - backed by leaked photos of the new laptop - reveal the radical new design 12-inch Mac-book Air 2015, which has only two ports and a slimmed massively chassis. In this article, we explore rumors about Apple Mac-book Air, also says he is gaining a Retina display. Keep up with the latest release date Retina Mac-book Air rumors, including claims that a new 12-inch model is coming in 2015.

Our article rumor Retina Mac-Book Air meets all we know or can predict plausibly about the upcoming Mac-Book Air from Apple: a laptop that we're pretty sure that will come with a Retina display. We are also interested in rumors that Apple will launch its new Mac-Book Air in a new size: one based on a 12-inch screen.
            We report on (and analyzed for credibility) all the rumors about all aspects of the new Mac-Book Air with Retina display: its release date, so you know exactly when the new Retina Mac-Book Air will launch; Listing of Retina Mac-Book Air, features and design; price and availability of UK; and all the rest of the hints and tips circulating on the web that could help us solve what to expect and when to expect it. Finally, we will show images that emerge Retina Mac-Book Air online, along with the concept and illustrations produced by intelligent layout artists with an eye for prediction.

We update this article whenever there is talk of new information, clues and rumors about the upcoming Mac-Book Air, so bookmark this page and check back here regularly for updates on the new Mac-Book Air with Retina display information.
                                           Updated: Reports suggest the new Mac-Book Air will touch integrated ID to make payments online.

PLUS: - look at the photo section of this article that came out photographs allegedly showing the redesigned 2015 12-inch Mac-Book Air Drip have appeared online.

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