Prepare for Apple Watch videos

Tuesday, 9 June 2015
Popular mobile video application came from Twitter reach wrist gadget connected to the Internet Apple later this year. During Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday, Kevin Lynch, vice president of Apple technology, demonstrated some new features, including video, that will be possible in the second version of the operating system of the Guard, which comes at the fall.And no screen video is apparently too small, even in this watch apple .....................

                                                           During the demo, I Showed a video of someone drinking glasses clinking on the Vine app. Came later posted on Twitter feed ....  That app would arrive later on the Apple Watch This Year. Vine's app lets people record and share video looped up to six seconds in length.
               Watch Apple currently does not support video, but  2, announced Monday, would allow the capacity and the new clock faces and other advances as response times faster applications.

So, like it or not, more video-oriented applications are likely to make their way to the watch Apple, which comes in sizes of 38 or 42 millimeters.            
                                         Facebook, which now has a lot of auto-play videos in its main application, does not yet have an application Apple Rights Watch.
                         Instagram, which is owned by Twitter rival Facebook, which is now available for Apple clock. But watch Instagram application, at least as it exists now, not including videos of Instagram.

               But Apple CEO Tim Cook showed Facebook in Apple clock during a previous event in March, so something Facebook would officially launch later.

Still, no matter how many video applications make their way to Apple Watch, which could be some time before you can record video with the Apple clock. The first generation model has a camera in it, but can act as a viewfinder of the camera of the iPhone.                        


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