Apple IPhone Release Date 7 price, specifications, features, rumors, concept design, Everything you need to know

Saturday, 28 February 2015
Apple IPhone Release Date 7 price, specifications, features, rumors, concept design, Everything you need to know ;            When it comes to Apple iPhone, no rumor is a rumor and no time is too soon. It's a trend That as soon as the new update of iOS arrives wish list of features not included or left, will run for avid users and experts our wish  Similarly, Speculations for iPhone seven Also Began With The arrival of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Rumors iPhone pending publication July are so abundant and whole web space That MOST people are thinking of buying and want to enter the current generation Apple phone completely.                                                                                                                                                                                    
Rounding up the rumors, here we are giving our best to what Apple iPhone 7 Could Be and what to expected to the modern latest mobile iphone with a attractive features.
           The Cupertino company has-been Known to be a game changer STI since early days. Macintosh iPod, Which has-been Hailed as a company That does not stick to the rules and STI Gives users a breakthrough in terms of software, hardware and user experience. With the iPhone in July also, Apple is expected to include some user-friendly features and class That will leave you asking for more and more attractive colours with a attractive piece of mobile iphone.........

Watch as Apple, Apple Could Also be used to create sapphire crystal display Which is much more durable and Gorilla glass. This can help users cope Also With The main Concern of brokenscreens. The new iPhone 7 Could Also be used for liquid metal chassis That is better and more durable than aluminum. Since Apple Already Been using small Amounts of liquid metal, do not be surprised if you go overboard With It for the lock system device..........

In this this genmeration, When people are crazy about cameras and selfies, Apple will Ensure that you 'do not have any to carry a digital camera always in your new bag. The front camera and front camera 14megapixel 4megapixel are enough parameters to confirm. Camera Specifications Apple iPhones are exceptional and THEREFORE Already esta will be on the cake.
                                   iPhone 6 Plus've Already Given storage options up to 128GB Which Makes the microSD card slot absolutely superfluous. Wait for the iPhone 7 to September even a better reference than most OEMs Might find hard to beat. It could be 256GB or even unlimited, you never know.............
                                     According To rumors, is expected to Have an iPhone 7 for built-in projector. This will not be the only phone to good features as Samsung Galaxy Beam has a built-in projector That Allows larger viewing experience over the phone. But as we all know, Samsung Follows the footsteps of Apple and have never been reversed. Maybe, Samsung Apple Could teach a lesson or two on how to merge onto new technology! If esta rumor becomes reality, Most users working in corporate houses and use projectors for PowerPoint hurry to buy.
                                            With powerful features and specifications in Original, the battery needs to be powerful enough juice to the device properly. On this front, the indication of the new battery technology is quite strong, Which lets you to use iPhone 7 During many hours on a single charge. What is new here is the battery That is environmentally friendly and use organic materials. This will replace the traditional Li-On battery and is expected to recharge faster.

Rumor mills are producing news That the iPhone App Store 7 is flooded With several Innovative Applications to engage further.

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